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A cool blur effect when hovering on a table row using purely CSS text-shadow 😆
See the code ➡️
Table is still a fundamental piece when we want to represent tabular data such as financial data, a calendar, the nutrition facts information panel, etc.

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I’ve missed CSS and I love my living room setup, so I combined both and made my living room with a single DIV and pure CSS
(p.s. if anyone has tips on caring for Birds of Paradise pls halp 😭)

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It's the final week of the January !
To wrap up the States of Matter Challenge, our host @rosieebob has us experimenting with the plasma state of matter ☀️

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RT Bramus!
✨ New scroll-animations demo: A (contact) list where items that come into view fly-in.
Comes in two flavors:
- JavaScript Web Animations API (WAAPI) + ScrollTimeline:
- CSS-only with @​scroll-timeline:

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2_LiveCodingSession ✨
First stream of the yr with @iamelizasj in our Twitch Channel ☺️
I love this spontaneous pattern we came up with. It was wonderful to code & chat with some of you who were there 🖤 thanks


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RT Stephanie Eckles
🟣 CSS Grid
Achieve responsive Grids in as little as 3-5 properties thanks to special functions like `repeat()`, `minmax()`, & `fr` unit.
📺 Responsive Grid ~4 mins:
@CodePen w/ demo layouts:

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RT Tatiana Mac
Happy Friday! I coded this @KingJames stat card. With a timebox of two hours, my goal was to not rely on media queries for responsiveness while maintaining the spirit of the design. Imperfect but done for now!
🔗 Codepen:
Los Angeles Lakers: These two were feelin' it from deep 🔥🔥

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RT Louis Hoebregts
I recently saw a gif of an artist creating portraits with nothing but dices 🎲
Here is my version made with @p5xjs, @threejs_org & @greensock on @CodePen 👇
Turn on your webcam and watch the dices rolling 📹🎲
(yes perfs are aweful 😅)

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RT Amit Sheen
Yesterday I had an amazing live coding session with the "CSS Masters Israel" community. We built an animated 3D dodecahedron, and talked a lot about perspective and transforms in CSS.
Full session: (in Hebrew)
The final result:

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RT Chris Coyier
Señor @alexquez and I chatting about a new internal service we built at @CodePen.
It's about hitting your own URLs rather than third-party URLs. It can be faster, cheaper, and more secure, with a smidge of work.

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RT Álvaro Montoro
Not as spectacular (or gassy) as other pens. But here's an entry for the challenge: an animation of a gassy shark... doo doo, doo doo doo doo!

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For my second , I learned how to make this complex border with pure CSS & I incorporated some responsive text!
The image is a recreation of Mark Boehly's Hot Air Balloon Stamp on

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