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🤓 Did you know?
That there is an excellent reason to use Position Sticky with top and bottom combined if the sticky element is stacked in the middle, example:
Position: Sticky;
top: 0;
bottom: 0;

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⚙️🔧 Meccano Pattern on @CodePen:
Not at all what I was aming for, but happy where I ended up! 😀
I often steal color themes from somewhere but this time I combined them myself using Adobes Color Wheel tool.


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See you this Friday, starting at 10am PT for a Purple and Green themed Collab Pen! 😀
Live streamed on Twitch as usual.
Who's in?? 🙌
Kristopher Van Sant: 👀 I'm thinking Friday we should just hang out and collab on a Pen for this week's

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Here's what I mean when I say I like to use *CSS gradient color hints* with my "text over image" designs:
the contrast is so MUCH better!
✅ allows more black behind the text
✅ tweet 3/3 shows static image comparisons with and w/o a hint
source 👉🏻

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Pure CSS Wardrobe using
As promised ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
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Accessible editable DIV including placeholder - a quasi pseudo-textarea
Interesting enough is that it supports auto-growth, what a textarea not does.

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New month, new !
This March we're working with color harmonies. 🎨
For week one, we picked a pair of challenging complementary colors: purple and green 🟪🟩

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Play with a CSS umbrella! What color do you like?☂️
Only CSS: Umbrella


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I know that some versions of 'skipping stones' have already been made for this week's , but I wanted to challenge myself to create a better looking ripple that feels (roughly) real.
So, what do you say?
Full code @CodePen :

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