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Flying Birds Sunset
This is just a simple mouse pointer effect, that when the user moves the mouse on the screen, birds will come out, then will fly randomly everywhere.


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RT Ruben A Sanchez

Here's my entry for this weeks @CodePen challenge.
It's an svg bird.
Actually it's a Wug.
Many wugs.
Wugs are little birds used in linguistics.
And I used the
tag to make svg copies.
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Moving Lines/Blocks of Code with Option ⬆️ and ⬇️
(This is new, it used to only work with a different, weirder key command and only if you had Sublime Text bindings on.)

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RT Chris Gannon
I have just reached an amazing 9000 followers @CodePen. The journey so far has been amazing so thank you to everyone who has inspired me (and still do) along the way. The flame will keep burning! @greensock

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RT Toshiya Marukubo
Learned pure WebGL.
I'm getting to want to use threeJS... I'm going to do this continue tomorrow.
Link 👇
Learned nodeJS.
About Server Sent Event.
Link 👇
My head is going to explode🤯🤯🤯

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RT Kristopher Van Sant
Happy ! One of my first public pens on @CodePen was this X-Wing Targeting Computer. I was sooo nervous making it public & was scared folks might criticize my code but of course the community was amazing & helpful. Will always remember that.

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RT Jhey 🐻🛠 (Exploring Opportunities ✨)
"May the 4th be with you!" 🤓
Hold pointer down, you must, to bring the lightsaber to life 🪄
Happy Star Wars Day ✨
⚒️ @greensock (MotionPath Plugin)

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