Want to quickly find a string in your project? You can use the 'git grep' command in your local repo.

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Break issues into actionable tasks where you can track status with new progress indicators, convert tasks into their own issues and navigate your work hierarchy. Take a look in our latest Checkout video with @la_brose!

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At GitHub we use pull requests and short-lived feature branches for everything, with checks on the PR and then continuously integrating them into our default branch for deployment. Learn all about GitHub flow and how to use it with your project here

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Questions about CI/CD? Let’s break it down—starting with the “what,” “why,” and “how” of automated workflows. 👉

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GitHub Actions and code scanning now support 15+ new open source static analysis scanners. Shift left using GitHub CodeQL or our open source integrations for Kotlin, Swift, PHP, Elixir, and other languages!

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We will conduct a brownout for Git operations using passwords WEDNESDAY, July 28, followed by removal of password support on August 13 as we move to require stronger token or SSH authentication. Share the news as we work together to secure collaboration!

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The final episode of The ReadMe Podcast's first season features @thesegunadebayo, creator of Chakra UI–a popular open source React UI library. Learn about his journey, and why he thinks you should have empathy not just for your users, but your colleagues.

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Developers should have help defending their rights under copyright law. That’s why we’re partnering with @StanfordLaw to provide free legal advice for developers confronted with DMCA 1201 takedowns.

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Space travel on your mind this week? Find out how the work of open source developers flew 293 million miles from home.

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1/ For our 4th @TwitterSpaces authorization conversation we'll be chatting with @bryanaknight and @vroldanbet, Staff Engineers @github.
We'll discuss "Authorization @github": how @github thinks about authorization in its product and implements it across its systems.

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Looking for a way to secure third-party code in Go? Check out our supply chain security features, now also available for Go modules!

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Time for another lightning round ⚡ DevOps helps teams…
- Deploy faster and more often
- Prioritize work-life balance
- Focus on the most critical code
- All of the above

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From sharing a single PC with her brothers to founding @SheCodeAfrica, Ada @Kolokodess Oyom opens up about her journey to make space for women in tech, now on The ReadME Podcast.

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Here's a secret GitHub power tool
Did you know that you can navigate and create directories from within the GitHub UI if you just terminate each file with a forward slash / ? 🤯
You're welcome :-)

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