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John Carmack: @wmgcbr Yes, I now use VS Code for my notebooks.
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Re @andyjeffries If you create an issue at github.com/microsoft/vscode, the team will triage and the community can upvote popular ideas!

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RT Benjamin Pasero
🗣️🎙️ You can trigger Chat by saying "Hey Code" in the latest @code release.
👉 install VS Code Speech: marketplace.visualstudio.com/i
👉 install Copilot Chat: marketplace.visualstudio.com/i
Configure via the new "accessibility.voice.keywordActivation" setting.
Happy Hey Coding!

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ICYMI, GitHub Insider newsletter is a _very_ good way to stay up to date on all things new in Github and GitHub Copilot.
Sign-up for a little @github / @code 🪄 in your inbox.

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RT NickZhu
Welcome to our first Visual Studio @code for update of 2024! We are bringing you JDK 21 Support Updates, New Test Coverage UX as well as various feature improvements. Check here: devblogs.microsoft.com/java/ja

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RT Tyler Leonhardt
🚀🗺️I’ve wanted to give @code extension authors an easy way to localize their extensions. We don’t all have the infra to do this task.
The latest version of l10n-dev can now hook up an Azure AI Translator instance. 2mil chars/year of free translations.

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RT Figma
Re 6. Get what you need from Figma without leaving VS Code.
Dev Mode plugins now run in the VS Code extension.

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RT Benjamin Pasero
🔍 in the next version of @code, zooming applies to the active window only and supports floating windows.
🙌 a new status bar entry provides more zooming controls in that case.
👉 code.visualstudio.com/insiders

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Re @talha_balaj Great idea, great extension - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - would tweet again.

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