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🙌 the latest @code release allows you to move editors into floating windows.
Each window can contain as many editors as you like in a powerful grid layout.

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🐍 Join us! Navigate VS Code faster and more efficiently with some power-user features integrated with Codespaces and Dev Containers LIVE 🔴🎥 on the Python Pulse Friday December 8th 11AM PT / 2PM ET / 7PM UTC with @bajoranengineer ▶️ youtube.com/live/U6B-0f3gTyo

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⏲️ We're live in 10 minutes with @ReynaldAdolphe and @peterscraig and today we're exploring in the Cloud Native Ecosystem. Join us and chat live with the team 🎬 youtube.com/live/vIIH-5Xtg38

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We are excited to see the top ranked pure mathematician feel comfortable using theorem provers in VS Code with GitHub Copilot to formally verify recent discoveries terrytao.wordpress.com/2023/11

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We are excited to share that there are over 2.5 million
@Java developers now on Visual Studio ! A huge thank you to the great community! We are also revealing a joint product roadmap with our partner @RedHat
for the next 6 months, check here: devblogs.microsoft.com/java/2-

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The upcoming 1.85 release of @code will ship a preview of the new multi file diff editor, which shows all your changes in your repository in one view! 🎉
You can already try it out in insiders, just make sure to set "multiDiffEditor.experimental.enabled" to true.

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🎯 This week on the VS Code livestream we welcome @peterscraig to explore in the Cloud Native Ecosystem! Mark your calendars 📆 and join us ▶️ aka.ms/code-livestream-page
Thursday, December 7 at 8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London

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Check out this week's livestream featuring an OpenAI Function Calling demo and a deep dive discussion on safeguarding with with @BurkeHolland and @dfinke and why as a developer, you should be using it! ▶️ youtube.com/live/kU9FeBWuZnw

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⏲️ We're live in 10 minutes with powered coding! Join us for a real-time weather data demo with @dfinke. See how Function Calling can transform external tools and database management and chat live with the team 🎬 youtube.com/live/kU9FeBWuZnw

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🎭 Check out the final episode of our Get Started with E2E testing: Playwright series, Running Tests on CI, today at 9AM PST and watch on-demand at ▶️ Playwright Series Playlist: youtu.be/gRXPp6RuExU

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📢 This week friend of the show, @dfinke, returns! AI-Powered Coding: Unleashing Data and SQL Mastery with GPT Function Calling with a real-time weather data demo 🌦️ ❄️ 💨 Join us live this Thursday at 8 am PST 🎬 aka.ms/code-livestream-page

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Make your Microsoft Teams app development experience even better with the latest version of Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio @code.
Get the latest updates: msft.it/6011iz5Nv

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Sticky Scroll For Trees - 🛠️Building on the success of sticky scroll in the editor, we've extended this beloved feature to all tree views in @code 🌳Soon, you'll be able to effortlessly navigate through your project trees with ease
Try it now 👉code.visualstudio.com/insiders

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Tired of tediously writing commit messages? Let Copilot Chat write them for you!
Using the new "sparkle" action in the Source Control input box, Copilot will generate a descriptive commit message based on your pending changes ✨
More new features 👀 code.visualstudio.com/blogs/20

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📢 We're off this week but we'll be back live with friend of the stream, Doug Finke, on Thursday, November 30th at 8 am PST. Until then, check out our past streams at ▶️ aka.ms/code-livestream-page

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🎭 Episode 5 of Getting Started with E2E Testing: Playwright premiers tomorrow and it's all about Debugging Tests. Be sure to check it out ▶️ youtu.be/oYCSzYG-Bbg

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