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🤯 It took me far. too. long. to realize I can change opening/closing tags at once with VS Code's Rename Symbol shortcut (F2)

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Javascript @code devs: Ugh, who likes writing date/time formats? 😭⏰ What if you could write a date/time string just by giving an example of how you want it to look! 👀😁
Get this and other new AI-assisted goodies as we build them. 🚀

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Re @xkeshav you can choose if you want to see release notes when you update. Set "update.showReleaseNotes" as "true". You can also view them by doing F1 > "Show Release Notes"

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Hey @code @VisualStudio Live Share users! Looking to get some feedback on how your experience has been using Live Share during times.
Replies 👇🏽 or survey response, both welcome. 🙏🏽

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💙 Using @typescript in @code notebooks is a game changer. I can learn at my own pace 🐌, see inline 🐛, and experiment w/ the syntax 🧪. Notebooks for all!
👉 Check out the TypeScript notebook extension:

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The @github integration in Visual Studio @code is so awesome that I'm using git commands less and less!
Learn how in this FREE tutorial 👇
🔑 sign-in
♊️ clone
🕵️‍♂️ search
📚 publish
👓 view the timeline

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RT TypeScript
TypeScript 4.2 is now out with
✔ Smarter Type Aliases
✔ Non-Trailing [...rest]s in Tuple Types
✔ Stricter Checks
✔ The "Declare Missing Function" Quick Fix
and more! Try it today!

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Last week ➡️ Rover goes to Mars 🛸
This week ➡️ Nerds go to Jupyter 🪐
Come chat Notebooks in VS Code on
Ask the Expert at 5:00 PM 🕔 PDT today!

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Wow! Just found this! 🤯 You can also use the `code` command in a terminal to quickly create a new file in @code. You can literally create a simple HTML page in less than 10 sec!

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RT Coner Murphy
⏩ VSCode Shortcut: 010 ⏩
1️⃣ SHIFT + ALT + .
ℹ️ Auto Fix
✏️ Used to run VSCode Auto Fix, to resolve issues in the code.
❓ Did you know about this shortcut?
❓ Will you use it going forward?
💬 Let me know your thoughts below.

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Hey Twitterverse! We're trying out this new thing where we post @code tips and programming concepts on TikTok 🤪
Check it out if you're on the app and let us know what kind of tips or content you'd like to see on there! 👇

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RT Tyler Leonhardt
Know someone who is holding out on the switch from ISE to @code because of the toolbar?
In addition to "ISE Mode" in the PowerShell extension for @code, you should show them this toolbar extension!

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RT Ricardo • Web Developer
Did you know that with , you can set up a dev container that loads the entire development environment in Docker? It's pretty awesome, because it means that the entire IDE, files and required plugins are installed and guarantees that everything works like expected. 👌

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🎬 Special livestream tomorrow: @ClaudiaRegio and Rich Chiodo are talking about Notebooks in VS Code and @PythonVSCode 🐍
🗓 Watch live on Feb 23 @ 5pm Pacific Time
Add to your calendar 👉

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