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📢 This Monday, June 5 at 4PM GMT I'll be joining @aycabs @vesajuvonen and @waldekm to show you how to build tab apps for ! I'll be demoing how to get started using @code and @github Codespaces 🎉
Can't wait to hack together with y'all! aka.ms/hack-together-teams/ses t.co/nuhh4Q6KLf

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⏳ We're going live in 10 minutes and you don't want to miss this one. @burkeholland is going to demo building using ChatGPT and . Bring your questions and join us for this live session 🎬 youtube.com/live/zTlHLQaZsCc t.co/w3NCQULB7r

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HackTogether: the Microsoft Teams Global Hack starts today! Don't miss the grand opening with amazing speakers @amandaksilver Archana Saseetharan @jmillerdev @garrytrinder @waldekm! 🥳🚀
Join the live keynote at 9AM PST today: aka.ms/hack-together-teams/ses t.co/yOv6qTNKzY

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Hi everyone! Here's our May update of Visual Studio
@code for ! Tons of updates again including reduced project import time, whitelist exception types, continued Project Explorer UX tweak, Spring Profile support, and more! Read more: devblogs.microsoft.com/java/ja t.co/Ylhc4H7cpj

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🎉 My session is now on YouTube! youtu.be/CYObXaSjj78
It's so much fun using @code to develop anything from anywhere, and a huge thanks to everyone who's watched and tried out the tools I demoed! 😁💻🛠️

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📢 Don't miss this Thursday's livestream when @burkeholland demos building with ChatGPT and ! Mark your calendar 📅 and join us ▶ aka.ms/code-livestream-page
8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London t.co/vEPZtb1sig

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Check out this week's livestream where we take a tour around the @MSMakeCode 👾 Arcade extension for VS Code with @Jaqster and @ReynaldAdolphe. MakeCode is Microsoft’s learn-to-code platform for kids 🎮 ▶️ youtube.com/live/nxa6_lsnKfM t.co/Eq7Zc6Qh6y

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Are you a fan of Copilot & Java ☕️? Then you'll want to check out "Using GitHub Copilot with Java & Spring Boot" by @rorypreddy
👉 youtu.be/zhCB95cE0HY t.co/qIX92dFGua

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⏳ We're live in 10 minutes! @Jaqster is here to give us a tour around the @MSMakeCode extension for 🎮 Join us to learn how anyone can build games, code devices, and mod ! ▶️ youtube.com/live/nxa6_lsnKfM t.co/Bqk4N4jUe4

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📢 On this Thursday's livestream @Jaqster is here to give us a tour around the Arcade 👾 extension for . Mark your calendar 📆 and join us 🎬 aka.ms/code-livestream-page
8 am Seattle / 11 am New York / 4 pm London t.co/po8Ug4BpKC

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🚂 @thecodingtrain 🚂 joined @OliviaGuzzardo on this week's livestream and it was a blast! Check it out for an intro into the world of creative coding with p5.js in ! ▶️ youtube.com/live/1h6vZl-OuB0 @shiffman t.co/7WwJ5R7Xld

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Check out the latest 🐍 Python Pulse 🐍 with @BajoranEngineer and Jeffrey Mew! They're talking all about how the new Data Wrangler ext for will revolutionize how you clean your ▶️ youtube.com/live/5EeBSNr0x3Y @pythonvscode t.co/mmjDzAIb25

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📢 On this Thursday's livestream Daniel Shiffman joins us to introduce the world of creative with p5.js in ! Mark your calendar 📆 and join us ▶️ aka.ms/code-livestream-page @shiffman @thecodingtrain t.co/NdVw1rmXL1

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Elevate your deployment workflow with Azure App Service and VS Code! Deploy your Node.js app seamlessly from local development to the cloud. Unlock scalability and reliability.
Read more: bit.ly/3BjBuC3

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🐍 Python Pulse 🐍 is going live in 10 minutes with @BajoranEngineer and Jeffrey Mew. We're talking about how the new Data Wrangler extension is revolutionizaing the way you clean your into your code editor ▶️ youtube.com/live/5EeBSNr0x3Y @pythonvscode t.co/hCHkw4C5Hh

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