Our livestreams are back! On Thursday, we're talking with @ornelladotcom and @burkeholland about creating a resume website entirely in your browser using VS Code and GitHub Pages–for free 🧑‍💻
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Re @mikeherchel @vscodetips don't see one in the marketplace! but great idea for an extension

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Re @MobashirFarhan @Windows @VisualStudio 👀 could you open an issue about this? thanks!

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want to get ready for spring recruiting season and learn some new skills in the process? check out

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👩‍💻 Am using the @github Repositories extension for @code more and more, as an alternative to cloning files to my local machine.
It gives you a fast, convenient, and safe way to open, browse, and edit repos quickly -- while still using a local IDE:

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Today's @code command: Move Last Selection To Next Find Match
Move the current selection to the next instance of the selected text
Windows/Linux: ctrl+k ctrl+d
MacOS: cmd+k cmd+d

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New tutorial for using PHP and Laravel in VS Code, getting started quickly (& reliably!) using dev containers 📺 With @old_sound
Watch 👉

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Did you notice? Pydantic v1.9 is out! 🚀
Some highlights:
📦 Prebuilt binary wheels for M1 macs
🐍 Python 3.10 support, with new syntax for None defaults (unions) 👇
🧙 Autocomplete and inline errors in @pythonvscode 👇
🙇 @samuel_colvin
Also 👏 @JoliboisEric, and others.

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🪄 refactoring
🖇 Extension:
Nicolas Carlo: @fabien0102 @code If you want to play with the extension, check out
Or any GitHub repo, really
1️⃣ Press `.` to open the web version
2️⃣ Install Abracadabra
3️⃣ Enjoy 35+ automated refactorings for and

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Today's @code tip: Multi-language specific settings
Apply a setting to multiple languages using "[langId1][langId2]" in your settings.json
"[javascript][typescript]": { "editor.rulers": [80] } for example adds a ruler just in JavaScript and TypeScript files

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RT Adam Coster 🎮
VSCode's "auto-attach" debugger option makes it way easier to do live debugging. Just add a break point and run your code as usual!
In VSCode's settings, search for (in the UI) or directly add (in settings.json) "debug.javascript.autoAttachFilter" and set it to "smart".

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RT 👩‍💻 Paige Bailey
📒 Did you know that @code (and
And with the @GitLens extension, you can even trivially compare files across different branches of a repo via the Search and Compare / Compare References… option.

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We published a new version of the @code hex editor that can edit binary files of any size and allows extra layout configuration! Switch to the pre-release and let us know if you hit any issues 🚀

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Today's @code tip: Jupyter outline
View and navigate through the structure of notebooks with VS Code's outline view
The outline shows a hierarchical list of cells in the notebook. Click on an entry to jump to that cell

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RT Daniel Imms
The next release of Luna Paint, the image editor for @code, is out! Highlights this release:
- New color picker (simple and advanced view)
- Diamond shape
- Various fixes and UX improvements
Release notes:

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Check out my recent video on User Snippets in VS Code! @code
I use these every day and they increase my productivity ten-fold. 🧑‍💻
Link below:


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10 Github Extensions for VS Code that will ease your work 😀
{ by @yokwejuste } from @hashnode
We all enjoy working with VS Code due to its lite nature and highly customizable with extensions.


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