It'd be kinda neat to see a way to inspect z-index stacks in DevTools.

Does GraphQL care about caching its queries? @notrab definitely thinks so and shows various ways to leverage GraphQL caching.

Oh hey, @TerribleMia notes that we can actually play with container units right now in Chrome Canary, as long as the container queries flag is on.

What's probably closer to the truth is that divitis doesn't matter that much in some cases. Twitter's output actually does things fairly well, or at least as well as they intend to do them.

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What CSS concepts should a junior dev review before an interview?

This is a new thing that affects which selectors win. It's going to require some re-wiring of our CSS brains, because layers is this entirely new (and powerful) part of determining what styles actually get applied.

Nice little roundup from @ziizium including styling broken images and styled blockquotes to toggle switches and gradient effects.

Love this line from @BenNadel:
We need to lean into an asymmetric reality. We need to embrace the fact that data is asymmetric and we need to design user interfaces that can expand and contract to work with the asymmetry, not against it.

It's not every day you see a new processor for building websites that reinvents the syntax for HTML and CSS and JavaScript. That's what imba is doing.

Here's @ChallengesCss continuing a deep look at the CSS Paint API. This time: polygon borders.

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What's in your recent search history related to CSS? 🤔

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