The UX changes in Safari 15 are controversial in generally Apple-related circles. Most of the criticism is leveled at the browser controls themselves

CSS has a bunch of mathematical features in the spec — they just haven't been fully implemented yet. But @anatudor knows how to work around that.

RT Miriam (But Terrible)
🎉 The CSS Nesting spec has been approved for publishing as a First Public Working Draft. You can see the current Editor's Draft here:
(This moves it from a theoretical proposal, to an official work-in-progress module in the CSS spec.)

Despite being in the CSS-in-React world, I haven't yet been fully compelled by it. But there are a few things styled-components offers that I'm starting to come around on

Nathan Babcock ran into an interesting use case for using Google Drive as a CMS and... it worked out pretty nicely.

Everyone's got some approach for turning a design mockup into working code. Mark Noonan shares how his brain picks things apart.

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